Our business model summarises our core activities, which involve delivering essential services to our customers in the most effective way and generating value for our wider stakeholders.

Our purpose

To provide great water and more for the North West

Our key resources

  • Natural resources
  • People
  • Assets
  • Financing

Our external drivers and relationships

  • Natural environment
  • Stakeholders
  • Technology and innovation
  • Economic environment
  • Regulatory environment
  • Political environment

Our strategy and core values

Our strategy sets out how we deliver our purpose, and is broken down into three strategic themes, which govern everything we do.

The best service to customers

At the lowest sustainable cost

In a responsible manner

Our core values – to be customer-focused, innovative and trustworthy – provide the cultural framework within which we operate.

Our planning horizons

We undertake long, medium, and short-term planning, taking into account our external drivers and what matters to stakeholders.

What we do

Our core activities are to deliver essential water and wastewater services for household and business customers across the North West.

We maintain and operate thousands of kilometres of pipes and hundreds of treatment works, as well as renewable energy facilities that use our land and bioresources from wastewater treatment to generate clean electricity to help power our operations.

How we do it

To deliver these essential services in the most effective way, we take an integrated approach that considers what is most material to our stakeholders and to our ability to create value; our risk management; our commitment to environmental, social and governance matters; and our pioneering Systems Thinking approach to operating our network and assets.

The value we generate